DevNation Cash Rewards Program

Earn Rs.1500 CASH 💰 for referring a friend to DevNation and helping them launch a career in software engineering & data science.

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How to participate?


In order to participate in the DevNation Affiliate Program, you must sign up below.


Once you sign up, you will be given a unique link to share with your friends/network. Make sure they use your link to sign up and indicate that they heard about DevNation through a Friend/Referral.

Once you share your link, we will reach out to you once:
1. Someone starts an application through your referral.
2. Your referral completes Week 2 of our program.  

How much is the referral bonus?


You will receive Rs.1500 per eligible student you refer.

I referred a student. When will I receive the referral bonus?


If the student you referred is eligible, you will receive an email after they finish Week 2 of our program. The email will include instructions for receiving the payment via bank transfer.

How many friends can I refer?


We have no limit on the number of people you can refer to the program.

I referred a friend to the program. How can I check their status?


Currently, you can see two metrics in your referral dashboard:

1. The number of people that have started the application process using your referral link. This is indicated by "Friends Applied" at the top left of the referral dashboard.
2. The number of eligible people that have gone on to complete Week 2 of DevNation's program. This is indicated under the rewards tab by a small icon on the reward description.

In order to view your referral dashboard, please visit the link below.

View Referral Dashboard

If you are not using the same browser you used to apply for the program or you encounter a signup screen, enter the same email you used to apply to the referral program to access your dashboard.

I told a friend about the program, but I didn't know about the referral program. Can I still get the referral bonus?


In order to receive the referral bonus, you must sign up for our referral program and your friend must use your unique referral link when they submit their initial application.

What can I do with my referral link?


You can share your referral link on social media, send your friend it over SMS/WhatsApp/email, or post it when you're talking about DevNation online, such as in a blog post, forum, or Reddit thread.