Data Science Program

Become a data scientist, get hired by top tech companies and earn up to 50 lakh per year.

Learn remotely from anywhere in the world with live sessions and hands-on projects!

✅ Python
✅ Databases
✅ Data Analytics
✅ ML & NLP

✅ Visualization
✅ Data Structures
✅ Algorithms
✅ Job Hunting

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Why learn Data Science?

Data Science is the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century! Every company is becoming a data company and the demand of data scientists and data analysts is skyrocketing. According to a McKinsey report, there will be a shortage of 1.25 million data professionals in the world by 2025!

If you enjoy mathematics and love using data to make decisions (no matter your background), a career in data science could be for you.

Our curriculum is designed to help you become a successful data scientist

Tried and tested curriculum, trusted by thousands of companies and learners across the globe.
DevNation's curriculum is structured, personalized, industry-relevant and hands-on.

Data Science Fundamentals

4 Weeks

1. Git/GitHub
2. Programming Fundamentals
3. Data Structures
4. Data Visualization
5. Business Intelligence
6. Data Storytelling
7. PowerBI & Tableau


Python: Data Prep & Cleaning

4 Weeks

1. Exploratory Data Analysis
2. Data Prep & Cleaning
3. Python, Pandas, Numpy
4. Databases & SQL
5. Intro to Data Warehousing


Basic Statistics, NLP & ML

8 Weeks

1. Statistical Analysis
2. Linear Algebra
3. Probability Theory
4. Regression & Classification
5. Intro to Machine Learning
6. ML Projects


Career Dev & Job Search

Weeks 0-16

1.Personal Portfolio & Resume
2. Mentorship from experts
3. Soft skills development
4. Job Hunt & Interview Prep

We also help you prepare for your job search and interviews

Along with preparing you for the job, we also help you prepare for your job search and interviews.
Career Coaching
Dedicated recruiter team & 50+ partners to help you land a job.
Mock Interviews
Practice mock interviews with industry experts.
Soft Skills Development
Improve your soft-skills and become a must hire for every company!

Our expert instructors will help you master your technical skills and career choices

We are all experienced data scientists and AI experts with years of experience working in top companies in the world.
Tawab Shakeel
Data Scientist
(Big Byte Insights)
Muddassar Sharif
Data Scientist
Waqas Ahmad
Data Scientist
(Afiniti, PhD Mcgill)
Hamd Bilal Tahir
Student Success Manager
(NYU, PwC)

Affordable tuition options

Try the course for the first week - full money back guarantee if you choose to withdraw.


Rs. 50,000
Pay Rs. 50,000 upfront.

Monthly Installments

Pay your tuition in low-installments for the duration of the program.

Pay when you land a job.

25% of Monthly Salary
Pay Rs.5,000 per month and then pay the rest when you land a job.

Limited ISAs. Only available for qualified candidates.
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Upfront Payment
You can pay Rs.50,000 for the entire program which helps you save Rs.200,000 on ISA payments.

Installments Plan
You also have the option of paying the entire program fee in five monthly installments of Rs.15,000 each.

Deferred Tuition*
We understand that the cost of tuition is often a high-barrier for people who are interested in changing careers or up-skilling their tech skills, so we are offering an Income Share Agreement to our top candidates. If you are accepted and you qualify for the ISA, you will have to only pay Rs.5,000 for five months.

Then you pay us the rest of the money once you land a job after the program ends. Currently, our total ISA contract value is Rs.275,000 and once you land a job, you will pay us the remaining by making monthly payments (25% of your monthly salary) till you reach the cap of Rs.250,000.

We have designed a flexible program for you

Missed a class?
Watch the recording later, with instructors available to solve your doubts.
Want to revise?
Access assignments/notes lifelong and recordings up to 6 months post course completion.
Have doubts?
Get them resolved over text / video by our expert instructors and supporting community.

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DevNation is fast-paced and immersive. It’s important to ask yourself, “Is this right for me?”

Before you apply to DevNation, make sure all of these statements are true for you.
✅  I have researched what it's like to have a career in data science.
✅  I can attend class from 6pm-10pm PST (+5 GMT) Monday-Friday.
✅  I understand the course is live and online.I have access to a computer, WiFi, and quiet workspace.
✅  I have explored the tuition options and know the right option for me.
✅  I understand how challenging DevNation is going to be.
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