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What will you learn

Advanced Data Science
In this program, you’ll learn advanced data science skills including data cleaning, preparation and transformation. You will dive deeper into machine learning and AI to build predictive models. You will finally finish the course with a real-world project that will help you with job hunt in the industry.


This is an advanced program. Although no coding experience is required but a strong mathematics background is essential. An advanced degree in STEM will increase your probability of success.

Data Science Fundamentals

Get started with programming and learn fundamentals & data structures required for majority of the jobs. You will dive deeper into business intelligence and basic data science. You will learn how to use Git/GitLab for remote work.

Python & SQL for Data Science

You will use Python to manipulate data. You will run Exploratory Data Analysis and learn the advanced techniques in data preparation & cleaning. You will familiarize yourself with libraries like NumPy and Pandas. You will end this module with deep dive into databases and SQL.

Statistics & Machine Learning

In this module, you will dive deeper into statistics required to make you a successful data scientist. You will get a surface level understanding on linear algebra, regression and classification techniques and use machine learning in your own projects.

Career Development & Job Search

In this final module, we will work on your personal portfolios and resume. This module aims at preparing you to become ready for the job market. You will get connected with international mentors, develop your soft-skills and do mock-interviews.


Prior programming experience is not required but a strong mathematics background is essential to be successful at DevNation.


The range of salaries for data scientists around the world.

All Our Programs Include

Real-world projects taught by industry experts

Career Services

Job Placement

Learn from world class instructors

DevNation surrounds you with a team of passionate coding faculty who are focused on your success, supporting your career at every step. You will also be pairing with classmates in your batch to solve problems together.
Tawab Shakeel
Data Scientist
(Big Byte Insights)
Muddassar Sharif
Data Scientist
Raheel Ahmad
AI Researcher
Hamd Bilal Tahir
Student Success Manager
(NYU, PwC)

Get hired by top tech companies

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Pay your tuition

If you complete our program and don’t land a job within 200 days, your tuition is refunded via our Tuition Refund Guarantee.
$2000 up-front
Job support & placement
2-Weeks Money Refund
No loan, no interest

Pay tuition in monthly installments

Pay your tuition in installments for the duration of the program.

$500 per month
Job support & placement
5 Easy Installments
2-Weeks Money Refund
No loan, no interest

Get our
outcome-based loan

If you complete our program and don’t land a job within 200 days, your loan is exempted from return.

$1000 Security Deposit
Total Cost: $3000
Job support & placement
0% Interest
2-Weeks Money Refund
Pay in 6 Months

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Admission Process

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Minimum Requirements

DevNation is fast-paced and immersive. It’s important to ask yourself, “Is this right for me?”
Before you apply to DevNation, make sure all of these statements are true for you.

Background in mathematics/engineering

You can attend all classes

You have a laptop & wifi

You are ready for full-time jobs

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